kimchi princess

Kimchi Princess was founded in Kreuzberg 13 years ago by Young-Mi Park Snowden, when what began as a dream became a concept which became a reality: a warm and welcoming restaurant with brilliant interior design, a vibrant atmosphere and the best in Korean food, right in the heart of Berlin.

In Korea everything is connected with food, so for people who don’t live there or who miss the unique taste of kimchi – fermented Chinese cabbage with spices – and other signature Korean dishes, the restaurant has won the most enviable reputation as a destination for Berlin locals and international visitors from across the world.

The vibe of Korea is present everywhere at Kimchi Princess – in the warm welcome, the uniquely vibrant atmosphere, the cool location and design, and the pleasures of the food and drink on offer. And it doesn’t stop at the Kreuzberg location: in 2014 Young-Mi opened the sister restaurant Mani Mogo in Adlershof. The Korean equivalent of “Guten Appetit”, Mani Mogo can mean also “Eat up! Eat a lot!”, “Hope you like it!” and “Make yourself at home!” – which is exactly what diners do when they visit, returning again and again.

And the Princess herself? The beginnings of this restaurant’s success story are in the dishes which Young-Mi often made for her friends in her kitchen, so tasty that they starting to ask for more. Having moved to Berlin after a year studying in Seoul, Young-Mi then opened a food stand in 2005 at the 3×33 Designmarket in the Orderberger Stadtbad. After four years of serving dishes to packed crowds of diners, the Kimchi Princess restaurant was founded in Kreuzberg.

Thirteen years later Kimchi Princess is still growing – she loves to host and serve diners with the tastiest dishes, and will do so for many years to come.

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